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The events caused much damage to Samsung’s brand, in terms of consumers relying on the smartphone manufacturer’s future innovations. Samsung’s Galaxy S7 Edge has also made it to reports, for bursting into sparks and flames by its users. Adams to retrieve the device and learn more about what happened.”. Any customer who has questions or experiences an issue with a Samsung product should contact us directly at 1-800-Samsung. Therefore, this further goes on to suggest that the issue is not only pertaining to Galaxy Note 7 units, but many of the other Samsung-branded smartphones that come packed with lithium-ion batteries which get easily overheated, and ultimately catch fire. In short, Samsung wouldn’t want to face something like this ever again. She revealed the burn marks that the explosion had left on her blanked, top sheet, fitted sheet and mattress. Previously, as listed on SaferProducts. The woman tried knocking the device off her bed, which ended up burning her hardwood floor as well.“Samsung stands behind the quality and safety of the more than 10 million Galaxy S6 family phones in the US,” a Samsung spokesperson said in a statement.

The company was quick at responding to her complaint, as a free replacement was immediately provided to her. Mobile phones are complex devices and there are many factors that could contribute to their malfunction. The extent of the smartphone’s battery problems was such that the South-Korean technology giant had to follow it up with a global recall of millions of Galaxy Note 7 units, ultimately forcing them to take the smartphone off from the listings.On a similar note, a North-West DC-resident, Sylvia Adams recently told NBC4 that her Samsung Galaxy S6 had caught fire in her bedroom. However, following the incident and subsequent brand-fixing activities carried out by the firm, there are still many consumers who have reported that their Samsung-branded smartphones are experiencing similar problems, wherein their devices’ batteries are overheating and even catching fire in the process.This isn’t the first time that Galaxy S6 smartphone has caught fire. Until Samsung is able to obtain and examine any device, it is impossible to determine the true cause of any incident.“Immediately I called Samsung,” Adams said.

This is particularly worrisome because Samsung has made an official statement, suggesting that no other of its smartphones have any battery issues, or other bigger problems that might end up in such consequences. “Then I called you all,” Adams told NBC4. “This phone almost burned my house down,” she claimed. “We have reached out to Ms.What’s especially surprising about this particular case is the fact that Samsung hadn’t even listed the Galaxy S6 smartphone in its recall list. Users have complained about the device catching fire, while charging.Samsung had a particularly unpleasant 2016, evidently due to the Galaxy Note Nitrile Rubber Hoses Factory 7 fiasco, wherein hundreds of smartphones caught fire, reportedly due to an issue pertaining to the device’s battery. “I was talking on the house phone and then all of a sudden, I heard this sizzle and then I looked and I saw flames,” she, there have similar multiple reports about Galaxy S6 smartphones catching fire

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