Imagen de avatar High Standard Assembly Machine For Flow Regulator

The double-track bottle feeding turntable is directly connected to the large

Occasionally Syringe Screen Printing will be overweight existing during the dispensing process, which is likely to be caused by too coarse powder.  For example, a disc-type dispensing machine, powder dispensing is different from liquid filling, liquid can be continuously moved and poured, while powder can only be filled in a prohibited state. Usually, the motion + stop time is set as a work cycle. If the material is short, continue to add powder; if it is blocked, it is likely that the material is too long or damp, causing the material inlet to be blocked.

When the equipment is working, if the sound is too loud, the user needs to confirm whether the safety screws at the bottom of the machine have been removed, and whether the workbench where the equipment is placed is flat and tough.   The double-track bottle feeding turntable is directly connected to the large and small bottle feeding wheels. Users can pick out the powder and adjust the splitting speed of different materials according to the relevant use steps. The user needs to open the inspection port on the top of the machine to clean the blockage and replace it.

What needs to be reminded is that the instability of the workbench will affect the degree of equipment, so the user must confirm the status of the equipment to prevent deviations in production..   Therefore, the bottle feeding dial and the bottle separating screw of the filling machine are intermittent motion, and the bottle motion form is: motion-stop-motion-stop.   If the weight is inaccurate during sub-assembly, the user needs to check whether the machine or work surface is stable, and also check whether the equipment is connected to other electrical equipment that can cause vibration.

Like other mechanical equipment, the powder dispensing machine sometimes fails.  In actual production, because the bottle of this structure directly enters the dial wheel, there is a certain rotating centrifugal force when the bottle moves, and the bottle feeding speed will be reduced.


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