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What quality assurance does our atmospheric water generator have

Our climate chamber is made of food grade materials that are resistant to high temperature and humidity. The distribution of indoor components was carefully studied to achieve maximum air and humidity uniformity. It is controlled by different sensors, which allows us to monitor the performance and test parameters of the reaction chamber at any time, as well as the performance of the atmospheric water generator in a specific climate.

It should also be emphasized that, thanks to the most innovative technology and its variable frequency heat pump, our climate chamber contains all the elements needed to provide high reliability testing.

Similarly, having our own climate chamber in our facility allows the design and testing process of our portable atmospheric water generator to be carried out at the same location. This allows Accairwater to control, test and adjust our generators to obtain the best product results.

At Accairwater, we built our own climate chamber, which helps us test all atmospheric water generators before sending them to customers. Our climate chamber allows us to simulate climate conditions anywhere in the world and find the best points for generators with different temperatures and humidity.

Accairwater’s climate conference hall is designed with cutting-edge technology, making it one of the few atmospheric water production companies in the world to introduce this advanced technology. It allows us to provide customers with reliable solutions and enables us to ensure that our Atmospheric water generator for agriculture are fully adapted to their needs.

Our Mission

To design and manufacture highly reliable air water making machine and other water-filtration/purification appliances at affordable prices; allowing consumers to obtain high-quality, yet economical, purified drinking water, regardless of their geographical location or economic conditions.

Vision Statement

To become the premier worldwide supplier of high-quality, purified drinking water through the use of unique, revolutionary and innovative technologies, and provide a complete solution to the world’s drinking water needs.

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