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“Hadoop: el elefante de peluche del Big Data”

Miércoles, octubre 21, 2015

Ana Lilia Careaga Mercadillo,   octubre   de 2015 Abstract When you talk about Big Data, you cannot go very further without running into the yellow elephant´s room: Hadoop. This free software and open source platform managed by Apache Foundation has been […]

The Onion Routers (TOR): Internet profundo con sabor a cebolla

Martes, junio 16, 2015

“ The Onion Routers (TOR):  Internet profundo con sabor a cebolla” Ana Lilia Careaga Mercadillo,   junio  de 2015 Abstract Onions have been a popular ingredient in preparing meals from at least as far back as the Roman Times. As onions […]

Realidad Virtual y Realidad Aumentada: el Derborence tecnológico

Viernes, mayo 22, 2015

Ana Lilia Careaga Mercadillo, mayo de 2015 Abstract Derborence is a wonderful place in the town of Sion in the canton of Valais, Switzerland and its lake was created as a result of a terrible landslide dated back to 1714 […]

Sublime Text: editor de texto con sublime musicalidad

Martes, marzo 10, 2015

Ana Lilia Careaga Mercadillo,   marzo de 2015 Abstract The meaning of “sublime” evades easy definition because today this word is used for the most ordinary situations. Sublime derives from Latin sublimus; which means uplifted, lofty or high; but the compound […]

Rafaël y : herramientas para una visualización bella de los datos

Viernes, febrero 20, 2015

Ana Lilia Careaga Mercadillo,   febrero de 2015 Abstract The term “fine art” refers to an art form with an aesthetic value and beauty .It has being constantly extended to embrace new activities because of the arising of either an artistic […]

“Alibaba: las mil y una noches del comercio electrónico chino”

Jueves, enero 15, 2015

Ali-Baba and the Forty Thieves, Aladdin and his Wonderful Lamp and the Voyages of Simbad are the most well-known tales for children readers that are part of a great collection of different stories told by a desperate wife delaying her execution: Scheherezada , found in the most famous Arabian collection of fairy tales named “A Thousand nights and one night”. On the other hand, in technology context, Alibaba is the Chinese new e-commerce leader that has eclipsed Amazon. Its three main sites :, Tmall and Taobao, host millions of merchants and businesses that have hundreds of millions of users. Alibaba handles more business than any other e-commerce company and describes its business as an ecosystem with functional “marketplaces as a platform for third parties.”

Lorem Ipsum: relleno de dolor en diseño web

Viernes, septiembre 19, 2014

Ana Lilia Careaga Mercadillo, Septiembre de 2014 Abstract Lorem Ipsum happens to be a simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry but, contrary to popular belief, it comes from a text written in 45 BC by Marcus Tullius […]

Aspel: software de talento y genialidad mexicana

Viernes, agosto 15, 2014

Ana Lilia Careaga Mercadillo, Agosto de 2014 Abstract Software development is the process that implements certain kind of planning to create a new software program. Many steps are involved in this process; beginning with knowing and understanding what you expect […]

“Indra y Cerego: Dos apps para recordar anécdotas y fortalecer memoria en la vejez”

Miércoles, mayo 28, 2014

“Indra y Cerego: Dos apps para recordar anécdotas y fortalecer memoria en la vejez” Ana Lilia Careaga Mercadillo, Abril de 2014 Abstract Our memory is our brain´s filling system. It contains everything we have learned and we can store on […]

Cassandra: la base de datos de origen mitológico

Lunes, febrero 17, 2014

Ana Lilia Careaga Mercadillo, Febrero de 2014 Abstract The ancient Greeks told the story of Cassandra, the daughter of King Priam and Queen Hecuba of Troy. She was one of the most beautiful women of her generation. When offered the […]