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Achieving bokeh effect is quite easy. It comprises of a 12 MP main camera with a secondary 8 MP lens.2-inch IPS LCD. You get plenty of detail and decent colours. Had Lenovo trimmed the bezels, they could have easily accommodated a taller screen with more viewing area.Verdict:The Moto X4 with 6GB of RAM is a decent phone. However, it has a clear advantage in terms of multitasking. Things go south as the sun goes down though. To save you some time, it even offers you an option to reply a message right from the lock screen. It can show notifications when the phone is in sleep mode. Viewing angles are quite good too. In its new home at Lenovo, Moto phones havent really tasted a big success.

With such abundance of memory, this phone is ideal for those who multitask a lot.The company has ensured that the camera is quite swift. Even if you have a truckload of apps open in the background, the phone ensures that each of them retains the exact state where you left off. What makes this handset special though, is the 6GB RAM. Of course, it cant match the high contrast ratio of the OLED screens. The front-facing camera is good too. The screen looks sharp and contrast is decent. It is a good gimmick, but if you value your time, dont bother with it. Plus, theres a front-facing LED to brighten up your selfies.0 Oreo with a stock user interface. It looks neat and is easy to navigate. Theres nothing to complain about the battery life. Another bright spot is the IP68 certification for dust and water resistance. Compared to other LCD screens, the one of the X4 is quite competent. The phone ships with a 15W rapid charger.Aesthetics, Build:A glance at the Moto X4 and you know that it falls flat in the aesthetics department.Since it is an IPS (In Plane Switching) panel, colours look better than regular LCD. Today though, the Moto X4 is not going to have it so easy.

For the same price, you can get Samsungs Galaxy C7 Pro with a much better design and a stunning AMOLED screen.The X4 (6GB) comes with the Adreno 508 GPU. In 30 minutes, you can top it up to 40 per cent. In this price range, the Galaxy C7 Pro has a killer screen. However, the phone looks too boring to shell out Rs 25,000. Since the camera lacks Optical Image Stabilisation (OIS), the low-light photography is nothing to write home about. And if the boring design is not an issue for you, why wouldn’t you pick the Galaxy S7 that now only costs Rs 23,000?Overall though, my best advice would be to stretch your budget and go for the LG G6, which now sells for anywhere between Rs 28,000 to Rs 30,000. It packs in enough power to perform daily tasks without an issue. The phone will have to take on the Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro and some serious competition from recently discounted flagship phones. And if you have played Angry Birds, you know what it looks like.2 aperture captures depth information. It had no trouble with cellular reception.The most import aspect of a phone — the call C/LR14 quality — is good. The primary 12 MP lens with ƒ/2. What else can explain such a dull design? The back is even worse.


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