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Freight lifts the consultation

Lin Sheng is very satisfied with Jany’s explanation and the information provided.AOQUN customer service Jany received Freight Lifts the consultation from Lin Sheng, and arranged the existing escalator Brush model drawings, especially the newly added LED Escalator brushes.You Can Find Your Escalator Brushes Specification In AOQUNPosted by aoqunbrush on June 19th, 2019Lin Sheng, which works in the Hong Kong’s maintenance elevator company, called to consult AOQUN for brush catalogue. He praises the variety of escalator brushes in AOQUN, and think and serve the customer thoughtfully! He quickly picked up the suitable escalator brushes and ordered the purchase order.

But some shopping malls or some shopping centers need to save space, usually use Mitsubishi’s single escalator brush, it is best to use D06 double row or D08 single row Brush. And we gave Lin Sheng professional advice according to the previous experience, such as the general Hong Kong subway and the airport escalator type is larger and wider, need the luxury version of D05 double row Brush and D026 brush with LED.. For the convenience of Lin Sheng, attach the application drawings of the relevant models. He needed to add an escalator brush to the escalator, however, because of the different escalator types, it is necessary to find matching Escalator brushes.


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