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Required and folded away when not in use

Benefits Of Installing Flyscreens

Having flyscreens in your home not only keeps out unwanted insects and pests, but also keeps out debris like leaves, ensuring that you enjoy your home when the windows are open. The frame is fixed in such a way that it is not cumbersome to remove when needed.

The flyscreens also offer you a healthy option of keeping pests and insects out, as you do not have to use any type of insecticide to kill the bugs. The flyscreen can easily be removed for cleaning or repair, and is equally easy to fix. However, you do not need to keep removing the frame unless you need to clean or repair it. Security flyscreens allow airflow into your home and give you unobstructed views without compromising the strength of the door. The wind is allowed to flow into your rooms uninterrupted, and this helps to naturally cool your home. The flyscreens are designed as security doors, and the flyscreen is made from marine grade stainless steel that has been woven into a mesh. Flyscreens allow you to open your doors and windows ZX119 Automotive Relays Suppliers wide to allow the breeze to blow into your home uninterrupted. Magnetic flyscreens can be used for standard windows, casement, bi-fold and awning windows, and you can also use them on windows with security screens. You can choose the frame color you prefer from the wide variety available. You can choose from a variety of frame types and colors, so you can have flyscreens that blend very well with the general style of your home.

The perfect way to make those hot summer days tolerable and even pleasurable is to install flyscreens in your home.. They are operated from almost invisible tracks, and you can open the flyscreen to the exact position you need. They retract to a special housing, making them invisible when they are not needed. They are also flexible and can be cut to perfectly fit into oddly shaped windows. The magnetic flyscreen works perfectly to keep out insects as no space is left between the flyscreen and the window. These flyscreens are pocket-friendly, but can only be used for standard windows.

Standard Flyscreens

The standard flyscreen is one of the most common flyscreens, made from a mesh that is mounted onto a frame using special strips. Retractable flyscreens are designed to be used on bi-fold doors, French doors, stacking doors or even casement windows.

Security Flyscreens

You can decide to install security flyscreens to enhance the security of your home, and deterring would-be thieves and robbers from your home. This frame can be fixed outside a window or designed as a flyscreen door. You therefore end up reducing on your use of artificial cooling, which translates into lower energy bills.

Magnetic Flyscreens

Magnetic flyscreens have a magnetic seal that goes round both the window frame and flyscreen, and the two are held firmly together by a magnetic force. Retractable flyscreens are convenient as they only require a small space in your home and will hardly interfere with the general style of your home.

Retractable Flyscreens

These flyscreens are opened when required and folded away when not in use.

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