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The only real disadvantage of active solar water heaters

The only real disadvantage of active solar water heaters is their cost.4. Coatings On The PanelsA variety of coatings can be put on a solar water panel, whichdetermines how well the water is heated and how long the panel willlast:Black Paint: This is the lowest grade coating. Though is isvery cheap, a lot of strong, direct sunlight is needed to heat thewater. It is alright to use it in hot, sunny climates, but it willgenerate insufficient heat in cooler, temperate regions.Anodized Coatings: Also known as “selective coatings”, theyare very common in residential water heating systems. The solar waterpanels are anodized with aluminum oxide and sometimes copper. Whenobserved under a microscope, delta shower column the coatings create a very uneven surface,resulting in a greater surface area for the sun to shine on – thisallows the panels to absorb as much as 80% of all solar heat.

Anodizedcoatings can be damaged easily, but their protective glass cover helpsthem last for years.Black Chrome: This is an advanced technology used in U.S.households without sun-facing rooftops. Like selective coatings, blackchrome is excellent at absorbing any sunlight, even in cloudyconditions.The only problem with this type of coating is its harmful healthrisks during the manufacturing process. This has made it less popularin Europe, where better technology, such as selective coatings, isavailable.5. Frost VulnerabilityIn extremely cold regions, frost can be a factor. In winter, heavyfrost can freeze the water in the panels. As the water freezes, itexpands and could potentially crack the panels. This can be avoided intwo ways: either with closed-loop systems or with frost valves.If you live in a region that has gets much frost, then a closed-loop systemis best. Here, instead of water, glycol is placed in the panels. As theglycol is heated it is transferred to a heat exchanger where it heatsthe water. Though closed-loop systems are more expensive, glycol neverfreezes, making the panels insusceptible to frost damage.If you only experience occasional frost, a frost valve issufficient. As the temperature drops, the frost valve opens, allowingwater to be released out of the panels and preventing frost damage.Just make sure the frost valve has a manufacturer’s warranty beforeinvesting in one.So what have we learned?

Before you plan to buy and install any solar water panel system, askyourself the following questions to help you make an informed decision:How many people live in the house? – since the averageperson needs fifty liters of hot water a day, this will help youcalculate the number of panels and the size of tank needed.Whereis the hot water needed in the house? – if the panels are far away fromthe taps, it would make sense to install an active solar water heater.Does the roof receive a lot of direct sunlight? – this will determine what kind of coating to get on the collectors.Are winters extremely cold? – if not, then a frost valve will suffice.How much can I afford to spend, and how long am I prepared to wait to get my return on investment?So you can see, there are many deciding factors when getting a solarwater panel system for home. With your new-found knowledge, hopefullyyou can buy the right system for your circumstances and not get rippedoff in the process.


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