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This article will provide the different kinds of hemorrhoid treatments

This article will provide the different kinds of hemorrhoid treatments in relation to the severity of the problem.Mild HemorrhoidsThese type of hemorrhoids are little and painless though patients can feel rectal itching. Treatments for mild hemorrhoids include hemorrhoid pads, ointments and creams, warm bath and a fiber-rich diet. Some can even try to push the piles back into the anus.Painful HemorrhoidsOne of the things that a patient has to deal with when they have hemorrhoids is the pain that they can inflict. Painful hemorrhoids are sometimes caused by a clot in the hemorrhoids also known as thormbosed hemorrhoids. The best treatment for this is to have a medical procedure like an incision to remove the clot and push back the hemorrhoids back to the anus.Bleeding HemorrhoidsWhen hemorrhoids start to bleed, it is advisable to visit a doctor to prescribe the right hemorrhoid treatments.

If the bleeding is mild and there is no pain, then a patient can just apply typical medication for hemorrhoids and keep the area clean and dry. If bleeding hemorrhoids are accompanied with pain, then a surgery is required.Large and Severe HemorrhoidsLarge hemorrhoids should be removed as soon as possible. It’s the same with hemorrhoids that are bleeding and painful. There situations often need medical procedures. It can be a surgery or a non-surgical medical procedure.The world of medicine gave patients many hemorrhoid treatments to choose. This can be the simple “rubber banding” for internal hemorrhoids. There are also surgeries like hemorrhoidectomy; laser treatments to burn the hemorrhoid and cryotherapy (freezing the piles).Medical experts put constipation on the top of their list of what causes hemorrhoids. Constipation is caused by infrequent bowel movements. Medicated moist wipes are available in most drug stores. In the shower, avoid scented soaps and perfumed scrubs or products.Blood clots can form within the lump and this painful condition is known as thrombosis and Shower Mixer Wholesale may require medical support. Blood on the toilet paper after a bowel movement.

The stool will be very hard or very large.Sitting for long periods on the toilet puts pressure on your rectum and anal veins. So, you don’t want to sit there longer than necessary. Sitting for long periods due to their job or those who are particularly inactive can be a big cause of hemorrhoids.Poor eating habits can be a cause as well as not getting enough exercise. Sitting on the toilet for long periods of time increases the pressure on your bowel area. Additionally, be mindful of how rough you are with toilet paper and how heavy you use it to wipe.Hemorrhoid care can be done by a Sitz bath, which is a small tub and is specially designed to allow the soaking of hemorrhoids without taking a bath. In this process the rectal area is soaked in hot water for 15-20 minutes about 3-4 times a day.Anal fissures cause a sharp, stinging pain with the passage of each bowel movement but hemorroids often cause bleeding but no pain.External Hemorrhoids are swollen areas of skin and blood vessels around the anus. They are highly innervated and sensitive and are also at risk for thrombosis. Anal itch is another common disturbance. This is caused by mucous leaking from the anus.


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