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Read through these tips to give your towels

Luxury towels are usually ultra in every way; ultra soft, ultra sized, ultra colorful and most importantly ultra absorbent. Luxury towels and luxury hand towels are usually made from the fabric offering antimicrobial protection to keep towels fresher than common towels. Luxury towels also have built-in antimicrobial tendency to resist mold, mildew and bacteria that produce odors, deterioration and bacteria. Generally, good quality towel can last for many years, so it is Shower Mixer strongly recommended to invest in purchasing the highest quality towel that is in your budget.

People usually find it difficult to identity the quality of luxury bath towels they should prefer to buy. The most common choice of quality luxury towels are the ones made from real cotton and thus the quality of cotton is the key to identify the absorbency of any towel. Now the question arises: How we will know that the towel is made from real cotton? The easiest way is to look for the Seal of Cotton trademark, which is present on almost all quality brand cotton luxury towels and cotton bed linen.Here are some good tips to maintain your towels. Read through these tips to give your towels and yourself a complete protection and care for lifelong luxury experience. 1. Wash your towels quite frequently as compared to your regular clothes to keep them clean and bacteria free always.2. Use only soft detergent to launder your towels.

Do not use fabric softener as it has silicones, which affects the towel fabric virtually making it water repellent.3. Make it a habit to wash your towels separately. This will prevent staining of your luxury towels by the colour of other clothes. During the first three or four washing, you should separate towels that has dark tone colour, because its colour will bleed and make other clothes be stained with the colour from towel. 4. Do not bleach colored towel because it will destroy ability to absorb water of the towels. Also do not iron your towels, as it will to reduce the absorbance efficiency of your luxury towels.5. If drying by hanging, do not twist towel, just shake it only once and hang it while still wet, this will help to maintain quality of terry loops.


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