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This may be an arduous task but will be well worth the effort

If your dog or cat is all matted up, you need to get that taken care of first. Either brush him out or give him a haircut but it is pointless to try to bathe a pet with mats.You can use any kind of flea shampoo except that you need to use kitten shampoo on kittens and cat shampoo for cats. It doesn’t have to be super strong or anything because mostly the fleas will drown before the soap kills them. In fact you could probably just use regular shampoo, it is just that flea shampoo has a nice extra kick to it.Check his fur CAREFULLY while bathing. Try to remove ALL of the fleas you find. This may be an arduous task but will be well worth the effort.

If prevented on Spot early enough you may be able to stop the infestation before it takes over your home too. Observe the bath water. If you find fleas are still alive in the bath water they are likely to re-infest your dog with a simple splash. Most flea shampoos only help remove the fleas from your pet’s fur. Find a shampoo that KILLS the fleas while shampooing your pet. Scrub thoroughly. Take your time. Be patient. When bathing your dog, follow these simple rules to get the most out of your scrubbing. Start at your pet’s head and work down. Fleas will instinctively move to higher ground. If you start at the head you have better control of the pests and are more able to keep tabs on how well you have eradicated the fleas. Continue by working your way from the head toward the back and the chest. You can use a flea comb as you scrub. Make sure to pull the hair in the opposite direction and work your fingers down to the bottom of the coat. This will help you see if any are hidden in his coat and loosen the possible eggs that lay underneath. Continue working in this fashion to the tip of the tail. Don’t stop there. Go back to the head and check for survivors. If you find a few, start from the head and do it ALL again.

Spot might be getting antsy by this point but it will be for his best. A Shower Drain Factory few minutes in the tub will save him months of digging, chewing and scratching. Remember, taking your pet to have it “dipped” will NOT in itself eliminate a flea infestation in your home. You must treat your home along with your pet.Flea combs will only remove 10-60% of the fleas on your pet. While this product may seem like a good idea it only is relocating your problem. If you comb Spot indoors, the fleas simply jump to the carpeting or furniture. If you comb Spot outdoors, you are sending them out in the grass only to be picked up and brought back in later.For more relevant information, check out the links below:flea control northshore, flea control east auckland


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