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To reach the desire Aromatherapy level to feel that deep relaxation

We’ve often seen it in the movies, the star lady taking a bubble bath with candles lit all around the tub.  You must have thought, “How relaxing that would be!” just seeing that image!  Then it’s over and we go on with our lives forgetting that we too can have the same experience.It’s taking that time for you.  You deserve it and to make the most of these moments you can add a little pleasure to your relaxing time.  When the kids are all tucked away, and maybe your husband is watching “something”, sneak away to your tub filling it with hot water and your favorite bubble bath.  Just the anticipation should start you to feel relaxed as you prepare to slide in knowing you won’t be disturbed.

Now light a few candles and turn off the lights and you are ready.  Smell the aroma of the scents.  Slowly get in feeling the softness of the bubbles and the warmth of the water.  Slide down sinking below just letting yourself go.  When you rise again, you will see your candles giving off their soft glow of light.  You can smell the aroma of the scents from your bubble bath and candles.  Take a deep breath and feel yourself relaxing.  Let your mind wonder taking your places as the aroma of your scents remind you of the pleasures from within your mind.Yes, this is relaxing.  This form of relaxing has been practiced from ancient times when the ladies poured special scents into their bath water, and lit their candles.  Back then that’s all they had for light.  So use it today for yourself.  Take that time for you and enjoy the light from your candles, the aroma from your candles and bath oils that opens your mind to the feeling of relaxing.  Pleasure yourself if only for these few moments with this special time for yourself.  Now you have created a special place just for you.  Candle light, bath oils, hot water, and your special time to yourself.  Cherish it and take it often.This is called Aromatherapy when you use scented candles and oils to product the aroma associated with your bubble bath.

Most bubble bath soaps have scents, and many candles have scents.  To reach the desire Aromatherapy level to feel that deep relaxation find both scents that will fill your bath with your desired aroma to better allow you to find that special place.  The use of Aromatherapy is the use of scents to produce a mood Concealed Faucet Factory change or a healing process.Just think about the Bubble bath with lighted candles around the edge of the tub all in the scent that takes you to your relaxing setting.  Coupled with the bath, it will be an exhilarating experience for you to enjoy you quiet moment away from the world.  Take that bath, breath in the aroma, relax.  You deserve it being a Mom, Wife, and Career Woman, all together women.  I hope this helps your find that right time for you.


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