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Alex Jones

CFD Trading Guide

julio 18, 2018 por Alex Jones

This is the only comprehensive guide to CFD trading, combining detailed reference information with Expert’s tips on strategy and tactics. Every professional investor online needs this book is not a nice-to-have, but a must-have! continue browsing below. The key points you will learn […]

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junio 9, 2018 por Staff INGENET

Hello World!

I am online today

my favorite cryptocurrencies

enero 31, 2018 por Alex Jones

I have been asked which are my favorite cryptocurrencies?  So here is the result :   Dogecoin is a Cryptocurrency popular among gamers. Dogecoin is perfect for online gaming due to the vibrant community who put fun as a priority before investment and […]

Understanding The Concept of Leverage

enero 31, 2018 por Alex Jones

CFDs enables traders to speculate on rises and falls in commodities, currencies, and other financial assets while only investing a fraction of their capital. The traders are leveraging off the money they have, in the hope of making more. With […]