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This is easier on the environment and it will lengthen the life of the machine

Roll laminators used to be large, unwieldy, anddifficult to use, but that’s all changed thanks to GBC’s fabulousHeatSeal Ultima 35 EzLoad Laminator. This is a device that’ssurprisingly compact and easy to use, even if you’ve never used such adevice before. Plus, it’s easy to load film into, which was always achallenge with the other laminators, and it has a number of other greatfeatures you’ll love. So, here they are, the seven great features ofthe Ultima 35. Check them out!

  1. Compact design. This laminator has a 12″ feedopening so you’ll be able to laminate a wide variety of items,including banners and legal-sized documents. This machine is smallenough to fit on any desktop so it will always be handy. It hasdimensions of 16.9″ (width) x 18.1″ (length) x 9.1″ (height). It weighsjust under 40 pounds.   Use it almost instantly.The Ultima 35 warms up very quickly. In fact, it will be ready for usein less than one minute so you won’t have to wait forever before youcan use it. It laminates quickly too, and is capable of laminating a36″ document in 60 seconds. A letter-sized document (8.5″ x 11″) willbe completely finished in less than 20 seconds, which is very fast.This machine also has a paper guide to help you align your document forgreat results. And there’s a variable temperature setting so you’ll beable to select the right setting easily. (Note: this machine lacks acold lamination setting, so be careful when choosing which documents tolaminate.)   The film is easy to load. Thislaminator is compatible with GBC NAP II EzLoad film. You can use filmthat has a maximum thickness of 10 mil. These films are very easy toinstall and due to their cartridge design, it’s nearly impossible toinstall them incorrectly. This can save you a lot time and also preventyou from becoming frustrated.   A great energy-saving feature.The Ultima 35 will turn off on its own if you don’t use it for an hour.This is easier on the environment and it will lengthen the life of themachine.   A built-in trimmer. You won’tneed to hunt down scissors or other cutting tools after your documentshave been laminated. That’s because the Ultima 35 has a built-intrimmer so you can trim as necessary. It’s located on the back of thedevice.   No more jams. If your laminatingfilm gets wrapped up in the machine’s rollers, don’t panic. The Ultima35 has a reverse function to can help you solve the problem and getback to work.   Great protection. TheUltima 35 has a limited one-year warranty just in case there ends upbeing a problem with the machine. You can also take advantage of themachine’s Equipment Maintenance Agreement so you can get the machineserviced if necessary.

From its compact design to its automatic shut-off feature and easyloading ZEBRA ROLLER BLINDS FOR BEDROOM SHADE system, the GBC Ultima 35 is a great machine for anyone wantingan easy-to-use roll laminator. Get yours today so you can see how easyit is to use a roll laminator.


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