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But the new season so far

But the new season so far, Zhou Qi did not get too many opportunities in the Rockets, he played a total of 5 games, averaging 5.4 minutes of playing time, and all played in the garbage time, the data for averaging 1 Blue Jackets Jerseys For Sale.8 points, 1.2 rebounds and 0.2 blocks, a total of 10 cast 2 hit rate of 20% Blue Jackets Jerseys Cheap. Recently, Zhou Qi was also rocket delegated to the development alliance to recover the status quo, and has been recalled. Back to the game, Jordan also caused Anderson mistakes, both at this time are heavily invested in the defense, the offensive end is no progress. Griffin once wanted to use his personal ability to cause destruction Josh Anderson Jersey, but was blocked by Aldridge front, the ball after the success of throwing Little Rivers success, but Guy quickly caused a small Rivers foul, Beverly Side also used a breakthrough Mills eat deflated. The two sides again draw the score, the score came to 50-50, Griffin stepped on hit long shot, at halftime, the Spurs temporarily 52-54 slightly behind. ?Mavericks away against the Wizards. Eventually the Mavericks beat the Wizards 113-99, ending six-game losing streak. In this game, Barnes contributed 31 points and 9 rebounds and 1 steal 1 block, Dennis – Smith scored 22 points and 8 rebounds and 8 assists and 1 steal, Matthews scored 14 points and 8 rebounds and 6 assists and 2 steals. Wizards, Bill scored 23 points and 1 steal Jack Johnson Jersey, Wall scored 23 points and 14 assists and 1 steal 1 block, Porter scored 13 points, 5 rebounds and 1 steal 1 block.

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