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The front double wishbone independent suspension

Land wind X8 explore version officially on the market today, the hands of from Land wind local agents to get a diesel car. Since it is a diesel car, I heard that compared to the old section 100 a number of improvements, natural good experience. .Surgeon of the internationally renowned designers, large wheel arches, Figure waist to show the car clean lines, a calm attitude and the hardness and softness of contour, highlight the atmosphere of the land breeze X8 fashion charm. Breeze X8 explore version front face breeze LOGO Zoom, door handles, fog lights, net many chrome-plated design, the rim shape is more layered, more near to the urbanization. The interior breeze X8 design more tend to the style of the car, the curve shape, the depth of color matching, the overall style is very beautiful, the impression is more simple and natural.

In addition, the land breeze X8 dashboard using the barrel design, exterior design is good. Feel and damping of the center console function keys basically reached the level of the joint venture vehicle, but with a very smoothly. Space, breeze X8 body size for the length 4636mm x width 1865mm × height 1810mm, wheelbase 2760mm, height 175cm experience to sit front row to adjust to the proper driving position, the rear legroom is very abundant in the same level or same-priced models are considered superior seat comfort is also good. Land wind X8 explore version has its class in only one hundred crowns chassis, powered by the car camera world’s leading Italian the Xeon VM power, at the same time retain the original X8 models advantage of more than 100 items upgrades. And the whole system comes standard Eaton differential lock, solid timber, quality conscience, Land wind is designed for those who are aggressive, dare to explore the consumer DEDECATES unknown areas of a champion racing-level XUV. To drive to frequently test drive the SUV on the outskirts of the river, to formally test drive began. Compared with 2.4 l of the 4G69 gasoline engine, VM R425 engine low torque performance is stronger than the Mitsubishi power, the only event of climbing, but also make the habit of idling off-road friends are little suited to. But more than 1800 rpm and the turbo began to highlight the role of the sense of acceleration becomes more smooth, climbing force has also changed significantly, to the maximum engine torque output at 2000 rpm, 340 Nm • m, and then further the advantage to take the R425 engine is fully reflected. Next step is to talk about the X8 ride control performance. The X8 uses a non-Unicode structure, so in essence X8 is off-road vehicles.

Non-bearing body structure rigidity is high, in a variety of road did not feel the sense of the distortion of the body’s abnormal sound or body. The shock absorbers adjust relatively soft, crushing the vibration almost feel the strong impact to resolve most of the feedback to the car body when some swing. The quiet of the car can be satisfying, and only when Bigfoot throttle acceleration, the engine will produce some noise, and highway wind noise must increase, but also the reasonable control. The front double-wishbone independent suspension and rear overhang on the overall bridge, road pavement and cross-country road well. X8 chassis wide angle telescope eyepieces performance supple driving in the city, quite the sense of the sailing of the American car, very comfortable, but subject to the higher center of gravity roll when cornering. In addition, the engine and gearbox match well, although accelerated to mention violent, but very linear and smooth, as long as the gear with the proper can get a smooth driving experience. Day test drive down a good impression on the breeze X8 explore version. Before the car DVD test drive on several occasions over the Land wind X8 different models, Land wind X8 explore feel a number of upgrade version is indeed progress obviously, if we really like the agents said that selling prices flat with the previous versions, then, this time to buy is still very bargain .


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