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The combing capacity and quality requirements of different types

The special dty 600D/192F design is used, which has stable performance, high reliability, and many types of specifications. portant;width:663.The new crown virus epidemic prevention and control work has entered a critical stage, and the demand for epidemic prevention materials has risen sharply, especially the use of masks has become a necessity for epidemic prevention work. It is perfect for all kinds of sensor conditions on the automated mask production line. In addition, Lanbao provides PSV series that meets the requirements of different working conditions. portant;width:663. portant;width:663.shlanbao.

The combing capacity and quality requirements of different types of combers should be selected and set. (2) Select the appropriate cotton feeding method and length. The preparation process is to improve the straightness and parallelism of the fiber, and the qualified non-sticking of the small roll is the control point; the combing machine is based on reasonable combing, maximum capacity to exclude neps, impurities, and short pile, and it is necessary to reduce the noil as much as possible. (4) The general law of scientific control of the nodding rate is

The combing machine has a high doffing rate, good quality of the cotton net, and good yarn quality. Quality control points of combing machine (1) bow plate positioning The essence of locating the bow plate early is the time when the last row of needles of the cylinder passes through the separation roller. The main tasks of the combing machine (1) Eliminate short fibers to increase the average length and uniformity of the fibers, improve the yarn sliver, reduce the yarn hairiness, and increase the strength of the yarn. Use the drafting effect to improve the parallel straightness of the fiber in the lap, reduce the damage of the fiber and the needle, and reduce the rate of combing.

One of the important factors of the output and quality of the machine. portant; width: 677px;’ /> 2.. The late position will cause the whisker that the separation roller fell into is caught by the last row of cylinders and brought into the fall In the cotton. (3) Make the fibers in the sliver straight, parallel, and separated to improve the sliver and strength of the yarn And gloss. Quality control points of combing process 1



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