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There are also boiling water that melts and disappears above 70 degrees

At present, the hydrolysis temperature of domestic water-soluble fibers is mostly between 70-90 degrees, and there are low-temperature hydrolysis products abroad. To analyze the specific situation, if the low count yarn is spun, the number of fibers in the cross section of the yarn is large. 3. 52. Timely deployment. The multifilament fineness of chemical fiber filaments is expressed by the number of monofilaments and the total number of texes constituting the multifilament. Since the old cotton has been stored for a year, even if the original cotton is of better quality,

it will also yellow in color, and the fiber strength will be lower than that of the new cotton. Since the new cotton has just been launched, the supply of goods is not sufficient, and the selectivity of the raw cotton is not strong. What issues should be paid attention to when using new cotton? Answer: 1. It is called the micronaire value and is expressed by M. It needs to be treated with caustic soda to completely dissolve it. 54.2, and the spinnability will decrease if it is too large or too small. For Xinjiang cotton new cotton, the quality of the rolling mill is good, there are fewer neps, cords, and stiff pieces, and the moisture regain of the raw cotton is small, but the fiber impurities are higher than the local cotton.

M = weight of fiber sample (ug)/length of fiber sample (1in) 1g = 1000000 ug. 55.. There are also boiling water that melts and disappears above 70 degrees and is used for jacquard fabrics. If the old cotton is the raw cotton in the latter part of the year, the maturity of the cotton fiber is relatively poorer than that of the raw cotton fiber in the middle and early period, and if it is stored for one year, the dyeing and coloring ability is worse. 2. Fiber amount: when the moisture regain is determined, it is expressed as the weight of 1cm length (mg×10 to the power of 5),

Or expressed as the Pink Polyester Yarn of micrograms (ug) of 1m in length, called the fiber amount, expressed by H. Micronaire value: It is expressed in micrograms (ug) with a weight of 25. Usually used to indicate the fineness of fibers. If the micronaire value is good, does it mean that the yarn strength will be correspondingly higher? Answer: Not necessarily. Use raw cotton in different regions. In principle, there is a certain gap between the actual cotton blending and the theoretical cotton blending. What are the fineness indicators commonly used in textile materials? How to define? Answer: The fineness index of textile materials belongs to the category of linear density. Simply using local raw cotton will increase the neps and increase the short-pile rate during the spinning process, which will affect the yarn sliver dryness and yarn neps.


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