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The surface of the pressure bar should be wiped off

How to make good use of Sd Yarn with pressure bar spacing block? Answer: The installation of a pressure bar gauge block in the front area of ​​the spun yarn is of positive significance for improving the yarn sliver and reducing the combing and nodding. How to use and manage the pressure bar spacing block well should be considered from the following aspects. 1. Check the pressure rods one by one before putting them on the machine, and repair or eliminate the corroded, bent or damaged ones. Wipe the oil on the surface of the pressure rod before using it on the machine. 2. When the pressure bar gauge block is put into the machine, the process adjustment should be done.

The roving twist, cradle pressure, and roller gauge should be optimized and then determined. 3. After the machine is used, the pressure bar and floating area should be adjusted to reduce the yarn CVb. 4. The distance bar of the pressure bar should be included in the cycle management. The surface of the pressure bar should be wiped off when wiping or flattening to remove dirt such as cotton wax and linters. 5. After changing the spinning, the pressure bar spacing block of the lower machine should be wiped and cleaned before storing to avoid the corrosion of the surface of the pressure bar.

The spacing block with pressure bar will cause a sharp rise in drafting force. Therefore, adjusting the drafting force to fit the holding force is the key factor to use the spacing block with pressure bar. 1. Move the middle iron roller back by about 2mm. 2. Adjust the size of the spacer block. Generally, the pressure bar spacer block is slightly larger than the ordinary spacer block. 3. The forward impulse of the front top roller should be appropriate. Use the pressure bar spacing block to make the fiber enter the common tangent point of the front jaw and move backward, so the impulse of the front top roller should not be too large. 4.

Adopt soft leather roller with high elasticity to increase the fiber holding capacity of the roller or increase the roughness of the surface of the roller when the roller does not become entangled, optimize the processing technology of the roller surface or use free Treatment of rubber rollers to enhance the ability of the top roller to hold fibers. 5. If there are conditions to properly adjust the pressure distribution of the front, middle and upper rollers. 6. The twist factor of the roving should be appropriate. 7. When the drafting does not open, the distance of the rear zone can be increased appropriately. 8.


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