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This stall can do more cleaning and inspection work.

The patrol circuit High Elastic Yarn takes care of double-sided care is used. (c) According to the situation of other stalls, foresee the workload of this stall. that affect the quality, it can be returned. To master the tour time, there must first be three basis: A. On time: arrive at the work position 20-30 minutes in advance for handover work. Flexible to do cleaning work; use the wiper as a pointer when wiping the wiper board, looking from near to far, then from far to near to see the end of the roving and the roving first, then the defects of the roving, and use the roving and roving when doing and doing

See the broken ends and roving defects around the gap during cleaning work. When there are many ends, first connect the ends of the suction tube. Second handover: hand over the commonly used tools to the successor and take the initiative to hand over the production status of the shift, such as: end breaks, temperature and humidity changes, process changes, variety changes, flat wipers, traveller use and roving supply .

This stall can do more cleaning and inspection work., generally one side car as a unit. Generally, it does not back up during the tour. When the pagoda roving is changed slowly in sections, pinch the foot. When looking back, look at the broken head and roving from near to far. A. A. The touring work is carried out according to certain touring routes and touring rules. (b) Emergency first and then general: first connect the head that affects the quality and the end of the head, and then connect the general head.

The basic spirit of the working method: a combination of a high spirit of reform and a strict scientific attitude to correctly handle the relationship between people and machines, give full play to the positive factors of people, and make the operation in line with scientific management Principles, implement the spirit of quality-oriented and prevention-oriented, aim at the characteristics of multi-machine care of textile production, conduct regular tours, organize their work in a planned way, and arrange all tasks reasonably according to priority,


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