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Tech means wasting another two years

The place Pipalkoti of Chamoli district lacks coaching centres, due to top hills.shah.Belonging to a middle-class rural family from Uttarakhand’s remote Chamoli district, Sagar Shah cleared Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) China Post Cap Manufacturers exam while working in his ancestral Shahji’s Pakoda Shop located in Pipalkoti’s main market. After completing engineering I took the GATE as a challenge, prepared a lot and cleared the exam.Tech means wasting another two years and I don’t want to do that,” he added.(Photo: Facebook/@sagar.After completing his secondary level education from a government school, he did a degree in engineering and has a polytechnic diploma.Despite clearing GATE exam, Sagar Shah chose to go with his family business, which is a rare example we see in today generation.Uttarakhand: Have you ever thought of becoming pakodawala in your life? If No, heres a man who chose to be the same after clearing GATE examination.378)A young engineering graduate who has become inspiration among youth, cleared GATE exam in the first attempt, without seeking the help of any additional classes..Speaking to News18, Sagar said: “I always had a knack for technical education, I understand how difficult it was for my family to support me financially.”Doing M


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