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A special heat treatment process is required to make the surface

There are many types of bearings in the transmission, which are mainly lubricated by gear oil in the transmission. There are more metal particles in the lubricating oil, which greatly shortens the life of the bearing. Therefore, a special heat treatment process is required to make the surface of the raceway have compressive stress, reduce the sensitivity of the raceway to particle impurities, and improve the life of the bearing. At the same time, according to the working conditions of the bearing, the bearing structure is re-optimized, the bearing processing method is improved, and the performance index of the bearing is further improved.

(5) Generator bearings

The generator bearings adopt cylindrical roller bearings and deep groove ball bearings. Through the structural design of these two bearings, the improvement of processing methods, the cleanliness control of the production process and the optimization of related components, the noise of bearing vibration is reduced, so that the bearing has good low noise performance.

(6) Research on bearing installation test technology

The actual performance of the bearing after installation is not only related to the performance of the bearing itself, but also closely related to the specific installation and use conditions of the bearing. Therefore, it is necessary to study the matching form during the bearing installation and the neutrality of the installation center to make the bearing in actual use Can get better working performance.

Bearings for automotive bearing suppliers turbine generators are mainly used in yaw systems, pitch systems, transmissions and engines. Each unit mainly includes 1 set of yaw bearings, 2 sets of blade spindle bearings, 15 sets of gearbox bearings, and generators. There are about 2 sets of bearings. There are many types of bearing structures and the demand is large. Therefore, the market prospect of special bearings for wind turbines is broad


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