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The domestically produced original unit generally refers to a generator set

The 68 Series Ball Bearings produced engine is a generator set assembled from domestically-made parts, both the diesel engine and the generator, the two major components of the generator set. * The domestically produced original unit generally refers to a generator set that uses imported parts for the diesel engine as the first part of the generator set. It may be possible where the other parts are produced. * Pure imported units purchase components abroad and assemble and test them abroad, so their components are more upscale, stable and standardized, and the testing is more rigorous. *

Generally speaking, domestically produced units have a price advantage, but this price advantage is only reflected in the initial investment. Although the initial purchase price is low, the domestically produced units consume large amounts of fuel, which leads to high operating costs and higher operating costs. In addition, the high follow-up maintenance rate leads to higher maintenance costs. This is one of the reasons why experienced users often stop purchasing domestic units above the 200 kW power range. * Since the high-power engines are produced by large foreign manufacturers, the price of high-power units produced by domestic manufacturers and pure imported brand units above 800 kW are not much different, but the units produced by large international companies are in the choice of components

It is more willing to pay for it, and because of the large amount of raw materials purchased in a single purchase and the lower cost, the pure imported units are more competitive in the high-power section. * It can be seen that the level of the market is basically clear. The low-power units are geared towards small and medium-sized enterprises and the purchasing power is limited. Therefore, the purchase of more domestic units is closer to the domestic ones.

The market for medium-power units is basically controlled by the main domestic companies that use imported engines. In addition to occupying a certain market share in the medium power segment, large international companies are their main direction of attack. * One point that should be put forward is: Although our domestic enterprises are getting better and better in after-sales service, the serious attitude of large international companies in this regard is worth learning and learning more.


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