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Research by the Subscription Website Publishers Association

Research by the Subscription Website Publishers Association . You can share ideas with an affinity group of like-minded people with less fear of ridicule or repercussions. But to get down to the most valuable data — the premium content of secrets and the insider’s tips and techniques — subscribers are learning that they have to pay.No employees — do it all yourself. Sell and deliver digital information products instantly. You never know who is lurking and reading your comments, or gathering information about you.The end of free This trend away from websites offering free information and toward a subscription, or pay-for-access business model, has several causes.A two-tier model for the dissemination of quality content is emerging. And trying to recapture our expenses by selling advertising on our websites has failed to pay the bills. Build loyal communities through discussion groups, online events.Smart website owners are now realizing just how valuable their hard-earned knowledge is to others. The time to get started with your own subscription website is now.

No or low rent — work from home. Choosing your site topic is a serious issue, as the topic you select pretty much dictates your chances of success with a subscription shows at least five successful models for subscription website topic selection.Low overhead — production and distribution costs are close to zero. If you previously contributed to public online discussion forums, you may now be feeling vulnerable. Online advertising and click-through rates are on the decline. Why having a subscription website on the Internet is so great As the publisher of a subscription website, you have an almost unfair advantage over other print publications that don’t operate on the Internet.The most successful online publishers will be those who can strike the perfect balance between free and fee. Over the next several years, the trend to information provided on the Internet by paid subscription will continue.The next phase in the subscription website evolutionInformation is increasing in value. Information seekers are getting accustomed to the change, just as they have learned to pay for premium content on cable and satellite television.swepa. Some of them can do it for the public relations value, but they are the exception.If you’re a writer, researcher, subject matter expert, enthusiastic hobbyist, or an authority on almost any topic, there has never been a better time to start your own subscription website or online newsletter. The result has been a proliferation of private, members-only, subscription websites and online newsletters covering literally hundreds of diverse and specialized topics. The rest of us can’t be so generous.SWEPA.

They’re setting up profit-driven, members-only websites and building online communities of subscribers who value their But in the current political and social climate, there is heightened anxiety and concern about privacy. Much of the information that used to be available for free to anyone and everyone on the World Wide Web is moving behind closed doors, accessible only to paying subscribers. And if you’re already publishing a hobby website, now is the ideal time to convert at least a portion of the content to fee-paid access. Access a worldwide audience. Perhaps surprisingly, resistance to paying for content is gradually melting away.These concerns are not diminishing over time, they are intensifying as people perceive the world — and cyberspace — as an increasingly dangerous place. Offer a visually rich website, with text, images, audio or video.Finding the right subscription business modelComing up with the right topic for a successful subscription website is usually the biggest stumbling block for those wanting to get into this business. And best of all, the members are willing to pay money to join. Consider the benefits:Low cost of entry — a computer, minimal software and Internet access are all you need. Successful online publishers provide samples of their wares for free, either on the public portion of their website, or through a free, opt-in e-mail newsletter. The publisher moderates the forum and promises to honor your privacy.

Why subscribers are ready to payThe Internet has enabled people with similar interests to find each other and form online communities. Savvy writers and publishers are not giving it away anymore. One frequent concern: what spammers are harvesting your e-mail address?However, in the seclusion of a subscribers-only website, you feel more protected. First, only a few websites operated by big companies water pump cable can afford to provide valuable content without being compensated. They create value by providing insiders’ secrets that the group is eager to learn about.cfm. Whether your interest is in politics, gardening, or model railroading, the Internet enables you to connect to others who share your enthusiasms and values.Second, many people are now more than willing to pay to learn what you already know, as thousands of online publishers of subscription websites have already proven.Operate from anywhere in the world. These include existing print newsletter topics; trade and professional associations; career advancement, personality based or insider tips; and downloadable product libraries. For details go to http://www. Reach a well educated, affluent market. Your years of study, hands-on experience, and tried and true wisdom could be worth a hefty income when turned into an online community. As the Internet changes, it is creating moneymaking opportunities for people who like to write, teach and otherwise share their expertise. Online communities bring together people who are interested in a common topic.


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