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Check around your windows for cracks

If the caulking is old and weathered and it is no longer keeping the air from coming into the home, you should scrape out the old caulk and put in a fresh new coat. You can buy weather stripping at nearly any hardware or home maintenance store. Any number of insects can scale your home, even to the second story, to get in through a crack in the window. Mice are known to scale walls, and they could enter your attic very easily if the screen is old and worn enough that they can chew through. Check along the edges of your doors to make sure the weather stripping is in good shape. It’s a great time to be outdoors. Check the gable vents in your home.

For information cable with plug on how to get rid of these insects. If you do a little home maintenance this fall, be sure to keep in mind that not only do you want to keep the cold air out, but you also want to keep pests from moving in as well.Fall is a wonderful season with the beautiful foliage, clear skies, and cooler temperatures. The air vent screens should be of a small mesh and should not have any holes. Check the areas around the foundation of your home especially, because at the foundation is where weather could have caused some damage over the past year or so, and it is a good place for pests to enter. When sealing the holes, keep in mind that you may not be keeping out just a mouse. During the fall months, insects begin looking for warmer places to spend the night and where they can spend the winter.

Check around your windows for cracks in the caulking and where the window fits into the frame. While, you might be looking for outdoor activities this time of year, bugs are looking for the indoors. You may be keeping out carpenter ants, beetles, spiders, and a whole list of other insects, so you probably want to seal these areas even if they are smaller than a dime. The place they find may be your home. Keep a dime in your pocket so you will remember just how small the holes can be. You should seal these areas with foam insulation, caulking, wood putty, or a small patch of concrete, depending on where the holes are found. But, many of the same techniques the maintenance professionals recommend also help in keeping out insects, mice, birds, and bats. If you use a screen door during the cooler, fall months, make sure the door fits well and that you don’t have holes in the screen.

Fall is a wonderful season, and it’s a great time to prepare for the winter months ahead. Many insects enter your home by crawling or flying in through cracks in the Bats, birds, and flying insects love warm attics during the fall and winter months.pestproductsonline.Did you know that mice can squeeze into an area the size of a dime? They can, and with that in mind, you should take a close look around the outside of your house. If it is old and doesn’t seal your door any longer replace it with new weather stripping. Often, you will find holes around outside water facets, next to windows, doors, and where electrical and cable enters your home.. Remember, the mouse and the dime here too.Ladybugs, spiders, crickets, roaches, box elder bugs, millipedes, and many more insects begin their search in the fall for a warm place to make their home.Home maintenance professionals recommend a maintenance plan for your home to help you save energy during the cold months of winter. Before you are overrun with these tiny little creatures, you might want to try some prevention techniques. A door, screen or solid, that has cracks along the sides, bottom, or at the top, not only will let air in, but it also lets in tiny insects


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