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Watch out for flying sparks

Never leave open fires unattended, including barbecues, and supervise kids at all times. Starting in June, parents are encouraged to bring their children to participating retail outlets to learn more about the dangers of fire and how to adopt a new and improved fire safety and escape plan for their homes.

Watch out for flying sparks that could set fire to areas close to the cottage and be especially cautious with fireworks around kids.Around the exterior of the cottage, a basic precaution is to keep grass cut and raked. In addition, stack firewood well away from the cottage.Keep other highly-flammable objects, like fibreglass boats and canoes, away from the cottage and store them upside down, one meter above ground, either on a clearing or a rock. To learn more about summer fire safety, join Duracell Canada and the CAFC for the Duracell Fire Safety Drive.

In fact, Canadians love their cottages and feel more at home there than anywhere else, according to a 1998 Royal Bank for details about an event near you.(NC)-Cottage living is home away from home to Canadians and life at the cottage boasts campfires, fireworks and hearty eating.By taking these simple precautions, cottage owners will go a long way to ensuring they don’t lose their homes away from home to fire.According to the Canadian Association of Fire Chiefs (CAFC), first and foremost, water pump cable it is extremely important that owners maintain fuse boxes, heaters, wiring, stove and other possible heat sources as they would in their primary homes.

Test smoke alarms and ensure long-lasting batteries, such as new Advanced Performance Duracell® CopperTop® batteries, are used for protection all summer long. But as with primary homes, cottages require regular upkeep to protect against hazards, and fire safety is especially a key issue at the cottage.Fire pits and campfires should be built where the fire will not spread, away from dry grass and leaves and low-hanging trees.duracell. However, owners taking a few simple precautions will go a long way in protecting their family and cottage. Dry grass and debris can also collect under open porches, decks and floors, so it is important to keep these areas covered.


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