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Dragon boat activity is mostly done in southeastern

The dragon boat is deeply embedded in China’s Dragon culture, with each boat having an ornately carved dragon’s head at the Bow and a tail in the stern.. It’s an environmental friendly activity in which everyone can get involved. There are even dragon boating clubs which conduct dragon boat racing for their customers. The steers person takes the control of the moving direction of the boat, and guarantees the safety of other members.The dragon boat festival of China started about 2000 years ago.

Dragon boating events are vibrant, fun and are also suitable for all ages, fitness levels & abilities. With the passing time, dragon boat festivals got well received by the peoples of South East Asian countries.C- 221 B. It’s not about individual skills, as everyone in the team together must paddle to win the race. The main force during a dragon boat race comes from paddlers who actuate the boat. C). Looking at the popularity of the water sport, many sports paddle manufacturers are providing customized dragon boat paddles in colorful designs and shapes to their customers.

International dragon boat federation (IDBF) and its continental Federations like ADBF and EDBF today, govern dragon boating events all over the world. They provide life jackets to each participant, and provide a dragon boat to each team member. During dragon boat races the hull is painted with dragon scales and paddles represent the claws. They provide paddles made up of carbon fiber which also has a T grip at the ending. A single dragon boat consists of 18 to 20 paddlers plus a drummer and a steer’s person.

Dragon boat activity is mostly done in southeastern and northeastern areas of china where rivers and lakes are densely scattered.

A dragon boat is a human powered watercraft that is traditionally made from teak wood to various designs and sizes.

Dragon boating sport is the popular team building event which makes everyone working together. The main activities done during dragon boating festivals include dragon boat racing, eating Zongzi, hanging flag-leaves on the gates and drinking regular wine etc. Paddlers just need to buy dragon boat paddles and some necessary clothing accessories like ¾th pants, sporting shoes, sunglasses, to participate in the dragon boating event. Today, dragon boats are used for competitive purposes, and thus are made of carbon fiber and other lightweight materials. Newly joined Participants in a dragon boating event can buy dragon boat accessories like dragon boat seat pad, paddle bag and paddle blade cover to carry and protect their boating paddles. So if you to wish to buy such paddles, you can contact our staff members. Meanwhile the drumbeat also inspires the crew’s Tea trimmer accessories series wholesale factory spirit in the competition. Drummers are in charge of guiding the frequency and synchronicity of all paddlers moves. It is celebrated on the 5th day of the 5th lunar month to commemorate the famous patriotic poet Qu Yuan from the Warring States Period (475 B. Today dragon boat racing has become a popular water sport in almost 60 countries which include South Asian Countries like Vietnam, Singapore and Malaysia

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