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Aluminum Enameled Wire Precautions and Points of Usage

septiembre 21, 2018 por copper xinyu

Copper to aluminum considerations, wire diameter changes (because of the difference in conductor resistivity) aluminum wire diameter = Enameled Copper Wire diameter × 1.28 line groove planning changes (line diameter difference). In order to ensure the resistance of the original […]

The Damage Reasons for Enameled Wire

septiembre 18, 2018 por copper xinyu

The insulation is damp. This condition is also common and generally occurs at enameled wire joints in direct buried or drained pipes. For example, if the enameled wire joint is unqualified and the joint is made under humid climatic conditions, […]

Rectangular Enameled Copper(Aluminum) Wire II

septiembre 6, 2018 por copper xinyu

Xinyu Enameled Copper Wire exhibit strong character of a highly tensile nature and work efficiently in high temperature conditions. Advantages Of Enameled Rectangular Copper Wire: a) High resistance to heat shock. b) High temperature. c) Good performance in cut-through. d) […]

Enameled Copper Wire Yellowing Causes and Treatment Methods

septiembre 4, 2018 por copper xinyu

In a sense, the Enameled Copper Wire manufacturing industry is a material finishing and assembly industry. First, the amount of materials is huge, the cost of materials in cable products accounts for 80-90% of the total cost of manufacturing; second, […]

Flat Enameled Copper Wire (Brief Introduction)

agosto 25, 2018 por copper xinyu

Xinyu-enameledwire is one of the prominent manufacturers and exporters of Enameled Copper Wire in the market.We manufacture Enameled Copper Wires using high quality raw materials which makes the wires extremely sturdy and shock proof. The enamel insulation of magnet wire […]

Enameled Copper Wire (Application Fields)

agosto 18, 2018 por copper xinyu

Xinyu Enameled Copper Wire, also called Magnet Wire, is primarily used in types of energy transformation. It is also used in electrical cables for signal transmitting. Xinyu-enameledwire has a variety of enameled copper wire, different types of enameled copper wire […]