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This is a little-known dish outside the region

This is a little-known dish outside the region but is one that is delicious, made by frying the papads and then sautéing them in gravy made of curd and tomato. Stir until cardamom changes colour. Rampuri Murgh Korma is one such delicious dish..Add cashew paste and stir until fat appears on the side.RAMPURI MURGH KORMAIngredients                                                  Chicken curry cut 1 kgSliced onion 250 gmGinger garlic paste 100 gmCashewnut paste 200 gmCardamom green 20 gmCinnamon  2 sticksCloves 4Bayleaf 2Red chilli powder 30gmBlack pepper 15 gmRose water 10 mlGhee 50 gm                           Cream 100 ml                         Salt to tasteOil 40 mlMethodAdd ghee to a pot and set to medium heat. Reduce heat to simmer, stirring occasionally until chicken is cooked. Finely chop chillies and corianderHeat the oil in a heavy pan, add hing and cumin seeds.Heat oil in a pan, add cumin and sauté.Season and serve.Food aficionados all over the world are acquainted with the famed Awadhi cuisine from Lucknow, with its various types of biryani and delicious kebabs. Add cardamom, cinnamon, cloves and bayleaf.Papad Ki SubziIngredients                                                  Papad   8Tomato 200 gmGreen chilli 1Ginger  5 gmOil  30 mlGreen coriander  50 gmDry fenugreek leaves 15 gmCumin seeds 5 gmTurmeric powder  15 gmCoriander powder 15 gmRed chilli powder15 gmSalt to tasteCurd 50 mlMethodRoast  papad and keep aside. Sprinkle coriander leaves.Add asafoetida, turmeric, coriander and dry fenugreek leaves.Khaste Mathura AlooIngredients  Potatoes 600 gmGreen chillies 4Ginger chopped 10 gmGarlic chopped 10 gmAmchoor powder 15 gmRed chilli powder 15 gmTurmeric powder 15 gmSugar 10 gmCumin seed 5 gmHing  a pinchOil 40 ml    Salt to tasteMethodBoil the potatoes, peel and cut into cubes. It has moved from the kitchens of the Lucknow region to the streets because of the ease in preparation. The major difference between the two cuisines is that unlike Awadhi cuisine, Rampuri cuisine is not made fragrant with ingredients like kevda, ittar or rose water.Add tomato, green chilli and sauté masala until oil starts separating.Reduce heat to medium and add ginger-garlic paste.Let above crackle and add ginger, garlic, turmeric powder, mango powder, sugar, chilli and salt.Add onion and stir until golden brown. Add curd slowly, adjust seasoning. These culinary delights have always found favour with gourmands but how many have heard of the lesser known delights from the Rampuri cuisine, which China Ferro titanium cored wire originated from the erstwhile princely state of Rampur, also in UP? Well, for those not in the know, the cuisine of Rampur also traces its history to that of the Mughal era and is a royal cuisine, but an almost forgotten taste. Add half a litre of water, bring to boil and cover.Cook till potatoes are brown and turn frequently. Though the dishes may look the same, the difference is evident when one tastes the cuisine for there is a trademark stamp of the region.Add coriander and chilli powder and cook until fat appears on the side. Rampuri cuisine is an amalgamation of numerous cooking styles ranging from the Awadhi, Mughlai and the Afghani.Papad ki Subzi is a traditional recipe from the state of Rajasthan that can be prepared in a very short time span.Papad has to be broken over the prepared dish at the end along with the coriander leaves.Khaste Mathura Aloo is a traditional recipe from the Mathura region that has also become a hot-selling street food item. This dish is easy to put together and can be had along with chapati, roti, paratha or just plain rice.Add chicken and roast for a minute.Chef Prakash Chettiyar is Executive Chef at Kochi Marriott.Add potatoes and mix to coat with the spices.Add water and simmer


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