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The main line sub-line should also be adjusted accordingly

For black pits with different fish conditions, the main line sub-line should also be adjusted accordingly. In both cases, fishing clubs do not recommend everyone to fish. Adjust 7 eyes and 4 eyes; in the case of small fish in the pool, choose a float with a higher sensitivity for short-drift tail floats, adjust 5 eyes and fish 2 eyes. In the pits where the fish has just been scattered or the peak fishing season, in order to grab the fish, the fishing club must use a hard rod to kill. Way of fishing on both sides. Basic knowledge of black pit fishing 3: bait preparation One of the major characteristics of Heikeng is that the fish are very mixed and the species are very uniform.0 and the sub-line from 0. The fish are usually in the middle and lower layers of the water.

Basic knowledge of black pit fishing five: the choice of float In the black pit with a lot of big fish, the fishing club recommends that fishing enthusiasts should choose long-tailed long-footed large floats, adjust 9 eyes and 7 eyes; if in order to achieve the effect of both large and small fish, it is recommended to choose a float of moderate length. It is a comprehensive bait. Because the fish in the black pit is complicated, we must take into account the fishy taste and fragrance of the bait, and it is easy to encounter the phenomenon of sparse fish density in the black pit. At the same time, because there are people fishing in the black pit every day, it is very easy to backfire. Basic knowledge of black pit fishing four: black pit rod selection and line group matching Black pit fish are of different species and sizes.

The main line, if the fish density is low, and the individual is small, it is recommended to use the main line from 0. Similarly, in general black pits, the water environment is harsh and there is more silt at the bottom.3 to 0. If it is a perennial old pond, new fishing spots should be opened. A square pond can be used.. The water in the pond is too turbid, the water quality may be eutrophication, and the fish’s desire to open their mouths is low. The pole must be kept small and strong, not too wide. Therefore, the method of fishing the black pit should be combined with lure and fishing. If the water in the fish pond is too China fishing line spoolers shallow, the big fish will not open their mouths.Basic knowledge of black pit fishing: Observe the water conditions Before fishing in the black pit, you must first observe the water conditions in the black pit. At the same time, we must also be careful not to go or to go to the black pits that we are not familiar with, so as to reduce the chance of ‘whiteboard’.

In order to prevent the bait from falling too quickly to the bottom, let Fish eat better, and we have to add bait that reduces the specific weight, so that the rate of bait falling is slowed down. In view of the individual size of the fish in the pit, the soft fishing rod has excellent flexibility, and it is better to use it for both sizes. When fishing, choose a rod to be both soft and hard. Because the old fishing position will have a long-term backlog of bait, and the underwater environment is harsh, fish are reluctant to come here for food. Even if they bite the hooks, they will disperse other fish in the nest because of their struggle.

To ensure the density and water quality of the fish in the fish pond, the owner of the pond will put some fish, such as green, carp, grass, silver carp and bighead. If it is a rectangular pond, it should be fished at the middle waist position. For black pits with a large number of big fish, it is recommended to use main line 2. Basic knowledge of black pit fishing 2: fishing point selection In terms of choosing a fishing position, if it is a new fish pond, when it is impossible to accurately determine the fish situation, it should be based on the migration route of the freshwater fish in the pond.5, sub-line 1. Therefore, in order to achieve rapid and effective fish attracting, we add shrimp powder to the bait High fishy-scented bait is also essential.0~2


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