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Pull the net for the limelight

Insects, leaves and fruits on the big trees on the banks of ponds and reservoirs fall into the water and may become food for fish. Fangtang fishing angle, long pond fishing waist, round pond fishing in the middle. Fishing spots can be set up here. There are fishing spots here, and if the fish channels are found, the fishes are of course easy to catch. Pull the net for the limelight, fishing squat down the limelight

The wind will blow the plant debris, insects, and aquatic life floating on the water to the leeward, making the leeward a food-rich water area, so fish love Come here for food. Then, the oxygen content in the water near the aerator is higher than elsewhere, and the fish will feel comfortable here. These are all fish food. In order to prevent the fish from being hypoxic, pond owners often install aerators in the ponds and storehouses to add oxygen to the fish.

The wrong fishing spot is not only difficult to catch, but it may even make you an air force. Choose a fishing spot according to the season,  Spring fishing beach, summer fishing pond, autumn fishing shade, winter fishing sun. Fishing for grass in spring, early in summer, and pond and sun in winter. In the vegetable gardens, flowers, bugs, grain particles and China Wholesale fishing tackle Manufacturers debris from the drying farms, etc.

Furthermore, the aquatic plants can make the fish feel safe, encounter predators, and facilitate the fish to hide. There are a lot of fish in some places, less fish in some places, and even few fish in some places. Choose a place where the pond owner puts forage or fodder to set up a fishing spot

The fish pond owner will fix the water surface of the pond or the reservoir with a few bamboo poles to form a triangle or square, and then put grass or green vegetables into it for fish to eat.  For ponds and silos with large water surface, the owner of the pond will also install feeders, and use the feeders to regularly feed fish feed to the ponds and silos. River fishing branch mouth, reservoir fishing ditch branch, deep and shallow fishing junction, steep slope fishing under the slope


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