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Whilst remote monitoring was Custom Escalators Suppliers

Whilst remote monitoring was Custom Escalators Suppliers not new to the lift industry, it was generally

considered to be too expensive to be accessible to the independent

lift companies. Whilst Charles Salter was in Germany, he saw a system

in operation that utilised communications for the monitoring of

everything from lift performance, to oils levels. It was a DOS-based

system, that allowed the surveillance of lifts from a remote location

(in this particular case, the lift Co.’s office). The resulting

savings in lift


labour costs were so high, the considerable savings were simply

shared with the customer. Ultimately, the development of the ACE

logger was inspired by the benefits of the German method.


Lifts perfected the system, developed a practical, powerful and user

friendly system, using up-to-date technology, allowing complete

remote lift monitoring and control, and made it available to all.

Since telephone lines were made a legal requirement, for public

safety, it seemed an obvious step to capitalise on that development.


Lifts designed a system which offered and still offers today the

independent lift company advanced remote features at an affordable

cost, whilst using existing lines.

You’re at a networking event, you’re focused on meeting people and as you introduce yourself to people you’ve never met before you realize you only have moments to make a lasting impression. How do you pull it off with ease, grace and a possible future opportunity, by perfecting your speech well in advance of attending networking events.

What exactly is an Elevator Speech? It’s your 30 seconds to say who you are, what you do and who you help. It’s not 20 minutes of you rambling on about your process, your products and services but your opportunity to introduce yourself, what you do and who you serve.

Now the key to a great one is to make it genuine, succinct and memorable. Often times my clients come to me asking for help with perfecting their Elevator Speech so that they can close more complimentary strategy sessions, get more sales or gain more clients. But your primary goal shouldn’t be an on the spot sale it should be to entice those you meet to connect with you for a more in-depth conversation at a later point.

1. Capture Their Attention-When it’s your turn to answer the “What do you do?” question, you want to make sure when you explain what you do that it doesn’t bore your listener to tears. Choose your words wisely and be creative about your approach.


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