On the premise of guarantee the quality of mother tube welding

In building materials industry, the development of all kinds of pipes is different, because of its own characteristics different, the connection between the pipes also has certain distance.Square steel tube is one of many pipes in the building materials industry.It’s formed after strip by processing, all kinds of characteristics of steel pipe needs you to understand, but in the building materials industry, all kinds of pipes to carry out the situation is different, because of the characteristics of itself, the connection between the pipe and there is a certain distance. Actually the raw of materials such as ASTM A53 Seamless Steel Pipe connection, steel coil manufacturers is about steel pipe storage needs certain conditions.First of seamless steel pipe production technology is mainly done through tension reducing mill, the tension reducing process is the hollow of the parent metal without mandrel continuous rolling process.

On the premise of guarantee the quality of mother tube welding, welding tube tension reducing process is to welded pipe whole heated to 950 degrees Celsius above, then through the tension reducing mill (tension reducing mill a total of 24 times) rolled into a variety of outside diameter and wall thickness of the finished tube, adopt the process of hot rolled steel pipe have substaintial distinction with ordinary high-frequency welded pipe, through the heating furnace after its weld and the microstructure and mechanical properties of matrix can achieve the same in addition, through many times of tension reducing mill rolling and automatic control made the size precision of steel tube (especially the tube roundness and wall thickness accuracy) is superior to the same kind of seamless tube.In storage of seamless steel tube, the first demand picking the right place, we need think about many external factors, corrosion of steel pipe and so on, so the site must be cleaned clean, dry and ventilated, harmful gas present, seamless steel tube is not present, weeds and other debris to keep clear of in time, to keep the steel surface clean.

If the acid base salt in the warehouse is easy to respond to the steel pipe, make steel pipe corrosion, so try to be able to be able to cut, don’t let it touch.If you think about the higher price metal, you can think about the very good reservation in the warehouse.According to the geographical condition, there is a sealed warehouse, but the ventilation is outstanding.The requirements of the steel pipe stack are stable and secure under the condition of the stacking, and the stacking of steel pipe and steel pipe is in order.Different types of steel tube materials shall be piled up separately to prevent mixing and corroding.There must be a wooden mat or a stone, and the crib is slightly tilted in order to drain, and notice that the material is laid flat to prevent bending deformation.


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