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Catris : Block Puzzle Hack. Free Online Generator

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Lets play for 10 minutes !!Catris is a very addictive puzzle.Youll fall in love with Catris.■■■■■ Introduction ■■■■■■Best puzzle game to enjoy with cats!Mysterious cats that change according to the level!■Cat + Block puzzle = Catris!!Be a Cats Butler that Help PATs love!Lets play right Neow~!■Unlimited Puzzle Game!Stylish items that grow as the level goes up,Cute puzzles with cats footprints!■The best cutie in the world!Enjoy the Catris game,a charming puzzle game where the cat is the main character!■■■■■ How to play ■■■■■■ Stage mode : Clear quests in LEVEL mode and test your puzzle skills!■ Survival Mode : Compete with other players by earning higher points.Step 1.Please place it in the field quickly before the PAT dropped puzzle reaches the sleeping puppys head!Step 2.When you complete a line,blocks blow up and your scores go UP! UP! UP!Step 3.You can buy items that will make PAT fashionable using your score and coins!The valuable reviews that you leave behind are great for the developers ^^DaeriSofts games will continue!




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