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Crazy 8s ∙ Card Game Hack and Cheats. Online Generator. Free Pack 05 – 20,000 Chips!

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FUN, COMPETITIVE, FAST AND MULTIPLAYER: CRAZY 8 (pronounced Crazy Eights) IS MORE THAN A CARD GAME ITS A MOMENT OF PLEASURE!You enjoy playing Uno, Switch, Mau Mau? You will love the original and most famous version of the shedding-type card game, Crazy 8.Challenge tens of thousands of real players at the Cups and during the seasons of the Crazy 8 Pro League to become the best of all and grab the Jackpot!PLAY MULTIPLAYER (WITH FRIENDS OR AGAINST OTHER PLAYERS)- Play against other players online;- Organize private games with friends or work out against Kooko;- Play even without connection (Offline mode).PLAY ON COMPUTER, SMARTPHONE OR TABLET- Play where you want, when you want (computer, smartphone or tablet);- Keep your data by connecting to your Facebook account.RANK WITH THE BEST PLAYERS- Reach the top of the League Pro for Crazy 8 (5 Leagues to climb);- Win the Cup every week to win a Super Jackpot; GET FREE DAILY CHIPS- Collect your daily bonus;- Exchange free gifts with your friends every day;- Even more free chips with our Promoted Videos.CONTACT US Participate in contests/mini-games or ask us any questions on our Facebook Fanpage: 8 is a free game, containing advertising and in-app purchases.Crazy 8 is published by Is Cool Entertainment.




Pack 01 – 600 Chips Free!
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Pack 03 – 3,500 Chips Free!
Pack 04 – 7,500 Chips Free!
Pack 05 – 20,000 Chips Free!
Pack 06 – 45,000 Chips Free!
Pack 07 – 3,000 Chips Free!
Pack 08 – 9,500 Chips Free!
Pack 09 – 30,000 Chips Free!

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