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CyborgHolo Hack and Cheats. Online Generator. Free Black Ninja!

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Like a hologram you will see cyborgs and robots move around in the real world!CyborgHolo is an AR app. With this app you will be able put a cyborg in a real environment. You decide where it should be placed and what it should do. The app really easy to use.- Begin with looking around with your iPhone/iPad and find a surface, then tap.- Tap or drag the cyborg on screen to place it.- You decide how to scale the cyborg. If you want to put it in your bookshelf, make it small. You can make it to a giant, and put it beside a house! Or make it even bigger, try the mega size :D- You decide how the lightning should be.- Cyborgs can do very cool things, and you decide what they should do by selecting animation clips!- Share the awesome experience by taking photos and videos. Share photos and videos with you friends!The future is here now. If you like cyborgs and robots, this app is definitely for you! Try it out for free! You can buy more robots with in app purchase in the Cyborg Shop!Have fun using CyborgHolo!!




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