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Gone Buggy Free Hack and Cheats. Online Generator. Free 20 Gems!!

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GONE BUGGY IS THE NEW, LIVING, LOL PUZZLE GAME!This FREE VERSION includes a collection of 10 levels from beginner to advanced difficulty! Play through a sample of the challenging Gone Buggy puzzle progression today!Gone Buggy features clear an crisp controls, vibrant visuals, exceptional audio, hilarious voices and delivers a serious challenge with hours of gameplay through 99 PUZZLES in the Full Version!The bugs, of all different shapes and sizes, are stuck in the cold rain and need your help! Pick them up, move, spin, and fit them all onto the sheltered leaf!Store bugs in jars while you strategize your moves, earn rewards to help you solve puzzles, experiment with morphing spit bugs or give in and roast them all with a magnifying glass…no points for you!Gone Buggy is a poppy, pick up and play puzzler that packs a serious punch of puzzle progression for Beginner and Advanced puzzle gamers alike! FEATURES•10 levels Free! 99 Available! Start with easy tutorials and progress to epic brain busting challenges! This FREE VERSION includes a set of puzzles from the full version. Sample the challenge today!•Robust puzzle interaction! Lift, Move, Spin and Drop bugs to fit them onto the Cozy Leaf!•Personality PLUS! Hilarious bug voices! LOL as the bugs chatter away while you save them!•Fun, vibrant and poppy art! Happy rag-time feel good music and hilarious voices!•Gems! Earn Gems as you play and use them to solve puzzles faster!•Roaster! Roast bugs into bits if you’re stuck! (…no points for you!)•Special Spitbug available! Try this amazing shape shifting bug free in level 8! It morphs!•Earn Perfects in every level! Race against time for the highest scores!•Investigate Special upgradable items to tweak your gameplay experience!•Earn Game Centre achievements!•Share your scores and progress with friends on Facebook!•Share your scores and progress via Twitter!•Megascore! Play to raise your Megascore and compete with the world!•Puzzle your way through good times and brain busting challenges with Gone Buggy!Try Gone Buggy today!




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