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***** The SMASH HIT fútbol game that you play with your head. No fút allowed! *****Finally, what everyone has been waiting for! A soccer game with absolutely no kicking! A fútbol game /sin fút”! Love soccer but hate feet? You wont even see feet while you play our game! That’s our guarantee to you. But that doesnt mean its easy…. how many headers can you get in a row? 5? 10? 50?Unlock new players! Upgrade your balls! Compete with friends!The only soccer / football / fútbol game where its literally impossible to get a GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAALLL!Do you realize how hard it is to write app store descriptions when the name of the sport in one country (/football/) is the name of a different sport in another country?? Do you call it /soccer/? /Football/? /Fútbol/? /Un-American Football/? But anyway, thats our problem, not yours. You probably didnt even know that real people write these descriptions.Your problem, should you choose to be problematized, is seeing if you can get more headers in a row than whichever friend showed you this game. Since they found the game first, they might be a little smarter than you. Sooooo… I think well be picking them in our fantasy Header league. Sorry.Whatever you call the worlds most popular game, you can indulge in the rarest of treats– header after header after header. Youll be bouncing balls on your head all day!UPDATE: Now with absolutely NO risk of traumatic brain injury!Questions? Comments? Complaints? Bruised head? Email us:




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