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Home Memory: Word &Home Design Hack and Cheats. Online Generator. Free boat of gems!

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Welcome to Home Memories! We invite you to spend your leisure time as a famous interior designer! After years of hard working, you come back to your parent’s home, listen to their opinions, help them to remodel, renovate, decorate all the different rooms and areas in the house, realize their dream and build a sweet home! By playing the game, you will recall all the joyful home memories of your own and create new stories!At the same time, an easy and joyful journey of word game is ahead! Home Memory perfectly mixes word connect & link game with hot home design game! The creative word puzzles & dream home decors will give you a relaxing & pleasant time!HOW TO PLAY- Customize the home design with distinctive choices & options – Complete and unlock more design tasks- Swipe and draw lines to link and connect the letters- Link and connect letters in right orders to find the correct words- Complete creative word puzzles to get rewards for home renovation- Find all the words to complete the word cross table- Find bonus and hidden words for extra coinsCHARACTERISTICSVarious styles of dream home design, fashionable, traditional, luxurious, dignified, urban, country, cozy, romantic …Tons of design tasks and funs of themed areas and blocks, such as living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, gardens, terrace, swimming pool …Elaborate and unique furniture and decorations, sofa, couch, dining table, tea table, side table, lamps, lights, bookcases, rugs, floors …Thousands of addicting and cunning word puzzles to beat, wake up your brain and sharpening your mind!All word cross level are with proper difficulties and frequent words. Bonus words, free and useful hints to help you challenge the word anagrams!Want more fun than the old fashioned word games? Inspired by life? Any home design ideas? Plane to renovate your home? Come on spread your design talent and create precious memories Now!




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