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Kids Planet Discovery! Hack and Cheats. Online Generator. Free Puzzle maps countries!

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Let your kids have fun discovering the world with games and activities in Kids Planet Discovery. Kids Planet Discovery sends kids off on virtual adventures around Planet Earth, giving them the chance to learn about cultures, animals, music, dress, geography, and more. Download Kids Planet Discovery and explore the World with your child. Kids Planet Discovery is an exciting and engaging app for all IOS devices.Kids Planet Discovery is featured in Apple’s US and Canada World Cultures Collection. It thrills kids in more than 100 countries with great lessons and games about the world around them. Children play and explore Planet Earth through puzzles, videos, memory match games, music, and more.What’s in Kids Planet Discovery?Kids Planet Discovery is packed with fun learning adventure games and activities that keep kids busy, excited, and engaged for hours. In Kids Planet Discovery, you’ll find:•/t100 games and 80 videos that teach kids about our planet•/tContent for kids age 4 and up•/tGames for the entire family•/tGames, activities, and videos to learn about animals, cultures, world music, geography, world dress, and more.Why Kids Planet Discovery?Kids Planet Discovery is an easy-to-use app for IOS devices that keeps kids engaged in activities about our world. Download Kids Planet Discovery if you want to:•/tInstill a love of Planet Earth in your children•/tPlay educational games and activities•/tEnjoy quiet time on road trips or at appointments•/tAccess loads of free content so kids can choose what they want to playPlanning a trip? Kids Planet Discovery is a great tool to take along with you on long car, airplane, bus, and train rides. Your kids can learn about where they’re traveling!Children love playing with Kids Planet Discovery and learning about the world through games, even when they’re at home. Kids Planet Discovery contains valuable information about US states, animals of the world, music styles from all over the planet, and much more!Tons of ContentKids Planet Discovery contains tons of content that helps kids learn about Planet Earth in a fun way. Download Kids Planet Discovery to play:•/t9 different applications in 1•/tDress up•/tPuzzles•/tVideos•/tMemory match games•/tAdventure games•/t“Find Me” games•/tAnd moreKids Planet Discovery GamesKids Planet Discovery contains the following games and activities, plus lots more:•/tPlanet Animals•/tDress Up Girls of the World•/t17 Jigsaw Geo Maps•/tContinents Games•/tMission Africa•/tMission India•/tPlanet Music•/tWorld Videos•/tCultures VideosFeatures•/tUniversal app for both iPhone and iPad•/tNo ads •/tTotally free content•/tBonus in-app purchase content (try games for FREE!)•/tAvailable in 8 languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, German, Basque, and Catalan•/tOn and offline usage Try It for Free!Wondering if your kids will like Kids Planet Discovery? Try it for FREE! Download Kids Planet Discovery and gain access to totally free content. And try demos for all in-app purchase content.Testimonials/This app is packed with fantastic education fun and very well done./
“I really loved this app! One of my favorite things about the app is all the ways there are to teach your children and the many things they can learn about using the different sections – animals, cultures, geography and so much more! If you would like to help your kids discover the world – be sure to check out this app!”ReviewsGreat multigame! • • • • 
Cute characters and it teaches a little bit about Geo, Music, Culture,… 6 apps in one, so I think its a good value for price and a perfect tool for kids.

My 3 kids have been abducted • • • • 
Great game experience for kids. The graphics are top notch, keeping kids engaged and learning throughout their interaction. Great value in this app!
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