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Pushy Squares Hack and Cheats. Online Generator. Free Unlock All Maps!

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Pushy Squares is a board game supporting 2-4 players. You can also play against the smart AIs! The rules are simple, but can you figure out a winning strategy?Here is how to play:- Each player decides their color.- In the beginning, each player has one square.- In each turn, the player can move their squares by – swiping upwards, downwards, to the left or to the right.- New squares will be given to each player at the starting point as the game goes on.The number of moves after which a new square will appear will be shown on the screen.- But if the starting point is occupied when a new square is due, that new square will not appear.- All squares of each player move simultaneously by each swipe.- White squares are /walls//u001a, which block the movement of the square(s) that move(s) against them.- The goal is to push opponents/u001a squares off the board.- One square off the board, one life is lost.The number of remaining lives of each player will be shown on the screenHave fun pushing squares around!




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