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The future of helping kids learn to read is here. See Words: Home lays out the fundamental steps in 14 engaging lessons using proven multi-sensory methods and phonics./r/r“I loved that it was simple and sequential. It started with a letter and guided them through the steps of reading from tracing to finding the sound and then spelling. Sometimes we give the kids too much. This was just right.” /r- Annie, Kindergarten Teacher/r/rSee Words: Home provides pre-programmed lessons covering the fundamental sounds needed in the correct order to learn to read. That’s it. Simple lessons served up in a super-fun and engaging way with images, sounds and stories! No thousands of pathways, no crazy distracting rewards systems. Just the simple steps to learn to read in 14 lessons./r/r/rLEARN-TO-READ STEPS MADE EASY FOR PARENTS/r/rEach lesson of this “ABC app” takes one sound group through four levels of learning fun./r/rIn level 1, it starts with tracing letters, saying the sounds and hearing your own voice shared back to you./r/rIn level 2, readers build words using word families and the sounds they learned in the first level. This interactive practice reinforces what they just learned./r/rIn level 3 of this reading app, your child will spell words with sound tiles./r/rIn level 4, a story is read aloud to your Pre-K or kindergarten student as the print is highlighted. The student is able to follow along with the words of the story. Your child is then prompted to interact with the story by touching the letters that correspond to a spoken phoneme or letter sound./r/r/rAGES: 3 to 6/r/r“This is great for reinforcing what’s learned in the classroom.” /r- Karen, Parenting-Center Aide/r/r“It helps kids learn the correct letter formation. Other apps let you trace the letter but they just keep going. See Words: Home makes kids trace correctly before moving on. They learned to make the letters the right way.” /r- Carol, mother of a Pre-K Student/r/r/rMOTIVATIONAL/r/rKids are encouraged by the character Billy who applauds their efforts and cheers them on with golden stars./r/r/rPROVEN READING APP/r/rSee Words: Home works. Just 15 minutes a day has been proven to boost word identification, spelling and writing skills.PRESS AND REVIEWS/r/rWinner of the Cincinnati Innovates Award and an Excellence in Academics Award from the Ohio Board of Education for 21st Century After School Programs, this See Words: Home app is powered by a vote of confidence from the Ohio Third Frontier./r/r“This is a high-quality way to spend productive one-on-one time with your kids as they enjoy learning.”/r – Kelly, Mother of Three and English Professor/r/r/rKEY FEATURES/r/r- Turn screen time into educational reading time/r- Give your child a head start with proven step-by-step tools/r- Bring joy back to learning for struggling readers/r- Practice sessions in about 15 minutes per day/r- Trace letters/r- Say and hear phonics sounds/r- Reinforce sound-to-letter correspondence/r- Practice spelling/r- Build vocabulary- Learn phonics inside the context of stories/r/r/rPRICING AND TERMSSee Words: Home comes with 5 pre-programmed lessons. Additional lessons are available in bundles of 3 lessons per bundle for $1.99.NOTE TO EDUCATORS/r/rThe See Words: School – Teacher app is currently available in the Apple App Store. This reading app offers the same great features, plus it allows teachers to draw back the data to track progress, identify struggles and create customized lessons. The teacher tool delivers pre-programmed lessons plus the ability to create profiles for students./r/rThe See Words: School – Student app will deliver the same great features as See Words: Home and also sync results to the teacher’s version./r




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