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The toy shop is closed, and the owner’s away… time for a party where the toys get to play! But the toys have made a mess; there are marbles everywhere! Can YOU help the toy robots tidy up, and keep their party a secret?Tidy Robots is an addictive puzzle adventure with cute characters and unique ‘marble-gobbling’ gameplay.Discover new toys as the robots collect marbles throughout the toy shop. Use toy blocks to change your robot’s direction, send robots walking over each other’s heads, leave your robots trapped in bubblegum, smash chocolate balls into teddy bears and much more!Features:● Completely FREE to play● Over 100 puzzles, with more to come!● Extra challenging puzzles released weekly● Original marble-gobbling gameplay and unique puzzle designs● Adorable characters with an extraordinary appetite for cleanliness● Fun, challenging and addictive experience suitable for all agesIn App Purchases are entirely optional and in no way required to complete the game!




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