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War Titans Hack and Cheats. Online Generator. Free Rich as a Soultan Mech Pack!

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In a hundred-year long battle with the alien hordes the humans finally have a game changing weapon system at their disposal: the War Titans. These are some extraordinary battle machines that transform in order to be more effective against the enemy. Each War Titan comes as a combination of a mechanized war robot and an armored vehicle, and they each serve different roles on the battlefield. Its up to your skills and your strategic mind to decide when is the best time to play as a Mech and when the situation demands an armored vehicle on the field.The Mech – a powerful robot that packs an explosive punch with its twin machine guns and shoulder-mounted rocket launcher. The Mech is most effective against heavy enemies such as tanks, turrets and enemy mechs. However, the light attacks from the droids will damage the mech more, since thy often hit between the armored plating. The Mech has 3 upgrades: Machineguns, Rockets and Armor.The Vehicle – your armored vehicle is perfect for running down hordes of droids, It is unarmored so its not effective against heavy enemies. You can upgrade the vehicles armor and Nitro which gives you a short but powerful boost in speed and acceleration.As you progress in the level you will reach certain areas where the enemies will overwhelm you – fear not! Each attempt earns you coins from the distance you cover and the enemies you eliminate. You will also win different types of prize chests which give you more gold and Parts. Collect enough parts and unlock stronger Mechs and Vehicles.Get ready soldier and who everyone what youre made of. Transform into the Mech and the Vehicle as the situation demands it and make your way through desert bases, alien jungles and remote lunar facilities and become the ultimate War Titan!




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