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Basic knowledge of apparel fabrics

Clothing materials include clothing fabrics, auxiliary materials and various packaging materials, which are the sum of various raw materials that make up clothing processing.

The materials used for textile fibers can generally be divided into two categories: natural fibers and chemical fibers. Natural fiber is directly taken from nature. Such as cotton fiber, wool fiber, silk fiber, etc. Chemical fibers are processed through chemical methods, such as polyester fibers and viscose fibers. Natural fiber can be divided into plant fiber and animal fiber according to the source, among which plant fiber can be called cellulose fiber; animal fiber can also be called protein fiber. interlock fabric  Chemical fibers can be divided into man-made fibers and synthetic fibers according to their sources. Among them, man-made fibers, such as wood, sugar cane, milk, soybeans, reeds, etc., are all materials derived from natural fibers; while synthetic fibers are made of coal, water, petroleum, Air is processed as raw materials, such as polyester, nylon, etc.

Natural fiber textile fabrics are soft to the touch, moisture-absorbing, and air-permeable, but they are not easy to store, and are susceptible to insects or mold. Although chemical fiber textile fabrics do not feel as good as natural fibers, they have good elasticity, high strength and are not prone to mold and insects. In addition, the moisture absorption and air permeability of chemical fibers are not as good as natural fibers, but with the development of the textile chemical industry, these properties are gradually being improved.


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