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The phase line joints are not staggered during construction

Causes of excessive contact resistance of cable joints. Poor installation quality.If the connecting wires are not twisted as required, or even connected by hook connection, the connection of the joints will not be firm and easy to loosen.The wires, switches, and electrical appliances are connected through wire posts. Because of the sloppy construction, no washers are added to the posts, and the gong caps are not tightened, which will also increase the contact resistance.

For example, in a restaurant, because of this reason, the conductor melts in the distribution box, and the molten beads fall on the cardboard box below,Brass Fitting causing a fire. The copper wire and the aluminum wire are not connected according to the prescribed method, which often looks good and separate, and the contact resistance is also relatively large, causing hidden dangers.The core of the multi-stranded wire is not twisted well, and part of the filaments (cores) warp outwards and form a short circuit after touching each other.

For example, a department store failed to twist the multiple copper core wires when installing electrical sockets. As a result, some of the copper wires were exposed and touched another phase wire, which caused a short circuit after power on, causing a fire.

The phase line joints are not staggered during construction, and accidents may also be caused on the same section. This kind of connector is straightforward. The disadvantage is that the insulation is not good and it is easy to cause short circuit, and the mechanical strength is not good. It is recommended to use chicken feet-shaped connection. Long-term operation of loose joints. Some have better quality during installation, but due to thermal expansion and contraction, or long-term vibration, the joints will become loose.


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