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The failure of oil-paper cable joints is mainly due to the insulation effect

The reasons for the failure of cable joints are due to the types, forms, and specifications of cable accessories; the quality is uneven; the technical level of the construction personnel is different; the operating modes and conditions of the cable joints are different, and the reasons for the failure of the cross-linked cable joints are different. the same. Due to the different media of cross-linked cables and oil-paper cables, the causes of joint failures are very different.

The failure of oil-paper cable joints is mainly due to the insulation effect, while the failure of cross-linked cable joints is mainly the conductor connection. Cross-linked cables are allowed to operate at a high temperature, and higher requirements are put forward on the cable joints, which makes the problem of joint heating become more prominent.

Excessive contact resistance, faster temperature rise, and greater heat generation than heat dissipation promotes the thickening of the oxide film of the connector,flare joint factory which in turn makes the contact resistance larger and the temperature rise faster. Such a vicious circle destroys the insulating layer of the joint, forms a short circuit between phases, and causes an explosion and burns. The reasons for the increase in contact resistance are as follows.

Poor workmanship. Mainly refers to the construction process of the cable joint construction personnel before and after the conductor connection.Not enough pressure. The cable joint resistance is mainly the contact resistance, and the size of the contact resistance is related to the size of the contact force and the actual contact area, and is related to the output tonnage of the crimping tool. The pressure of the crimping machine is insufficient, and the gap of the connection fittings is large, which causes the conductor connection pressure to be insufficient.


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