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The improvement ensures that the quality is more perfect

Miércoles, septiembre 15, 2021

The improvement ensures that the quality is more perfect. The internal theme is metal hoses.For various transmission lines that are currently used a lot, it is particularly important to use some external protective shells, so that the normal operation of […]

Those larger than φ20 mm will soon be produced

Miércoles, agosto 11, 2021

At present, the factory has begun to supply various pipe joints with hose inner diameters below φ20 mm, and those larger than φ20 mm will soon be produced. The Machine Tool Plant has successively adopted plastic-coated metal hoses on some […]

Driven by the price of stainless steel metal hose joints

Miércoles, julio 7, 2021

The cumulative production of crude steel in the first half of the year was 266. On the whole, the overall trend of the steel market is still strong, but the excessively rapid increase in the previous period has caused the […]

E-commerce trade can reduce manpower and material resources

Viernes, junio 25, 2021

The relationship should be good. Product structure adjustment should be strengthened. Due to the lack of market research, as a retailer, only by understanding the needs of the market and customers can we formulate solutions based on the needs of […]

The preparation of 10 kV cable connector accident analysis

Lunes, mayo 31, 2021

During the Olympic and National Day power guarantee process, the condition monitoring technology has effectively eliminated the hidden quality problems of cable joints, and has accumulated valuable experience in the operation and management of cable joints. Strengthening the standardized management […]