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Tired of the Bars and Clubs scene to meet the guys?

One of the most important things a woman can do in a relationship to end it right then and there is to “lose her cool”. I just mean to – be unavailable sometimes, hold that proverbial “carrot” out there over his head just a little out of reach. The trick is knowing which one they want at which time, right? Exactly.Tired of the Bars and Clubs scene to meet the guys? Me too. Let’s face it ladies, guys are clueless and we need to accept this. Go to graduations at the local college9. One of the keys to this is following his cues and his body language, and making sure that he understands what you are wanting, looking for and needing, and that YOU understand the same from him. Women need dating advice! There is a guy out there named Christian Carter who has developed and entire program based specifically on dating advice for women, as well as relationship advice once you are in it.wheretogetthescoop.

Never – ever – assume that just because you think you have a relationship, that you do. And we are ALL looking for something just a little bit better (ok, maybe a WHOLE LOT better!) than what we just left. So let’s expand our view for a moment and think outside the box. But make sure that YOU get space too, even if you don’t think you need it! &Walking Pads Manufacturers61514; Next – (you’ll like this one) do NOT give him everything he wants!! Don’t be a pushover! And by this I do not mean to try to run the relationship like a Nazi. Let’s go over just a couple tips. And I am not talking about just flipping out and telling him what a worthless turd he is for forgetting your anniversary. Crash a wedding8. Christian Carter offers free newsletters, too, so you do not have to pay for some killer dating for 10 online dating sites that offer free profiles)7. Co-Ed sports leagues and fitness clubs! Guys love sports, we know that, and they will totally dig a chick that loves sports too.YouCanGetTheGuy. I mean the “needy Nancy” and the “paranoid Patty” and the “Longing Lucy” or “Clingy Caroline”.com. But how can we keep history from repeating itself?

How can we start meeting quality men, and then after meeting them, hook them and reel them in for the trophy shot? Well, I have some tips to share with you on that, so put your ears on….Hey ladies – ever been dumped, had your heart broken or other wise been tramped upon by a man? Of course you have – we all have. Now what? Here is where most of us seem to need the help. Attend sporting events and football parties at BW3s or your local sports club (goes along w/#1)10. Go online! There are all kinds of places you can get a free profile . Home Depot or your local Lowes – troll the isles, pretend to need help, or attend a free class on how to tile your bathroom floor!Ok – so you have met him (finally, right?).. Get a dog and start walking in the park – and bring a Frisbee!6. If you start out giving him everything he wants, you will have to either a) keep it up or b) end it at some point and he will wonder where his wonderful little slave went.

Shoot pool! (Ok, this may include the obnoxious drunk, so be prepared)3.Guys want someone who is cucumber cool when they want cool, and tamale hot when they want it hot. Or better yet – how about a part time JOB at the local club?2. Follow his cues and understand his needs, and give him the space he needs when he needs it. If you don’t want to join, volunteer to be a class aid. Don’t start it! Ok, that being said, there is a lot more advice out there for women that is geared specifically toward women. Laundromats! Do your laundry on a Friday night or Saturday, it’s a great ice-breaker, and remember, no granny- panties!4. Here are some great places to meet guys that do not include loud obnoxious drunks, broken ear drums, and the typical pawing Charlie.5. Go back to school! Check out the classes that the GUYS usually take like engineering, auto mechanics, etc


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