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Printing Conduction Band of Rotary Screen Printing Machine

Lunes, marzo 4, 2019

The phenomenon of twisted nets or broken nets in the printing process often interrupts production, affects the normal operation of the production, and has different degrees of influence on product quality and production cost. The influence of printed guide tape […]

Several Tips We Need to Know about Hot Air Stenter

Viernes, enero 18, 2019

Several Tips We Need to Know about Hot Air Stenter . 1. Check the mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and safety protection devices before turning on the machine. According to the process requirements, set the temperature, and then turn on the circulating […]

Accuracy Information (Flat Screen Printer)

Sábado, noviembre 24, 2018

Analyze the Position and Position Accuracy Information of the Flat Screen Printer. The flat screen printing machine is an important production equipment for the textile printing and dyeing industry, especially for the manufacture of towels (including bath towels, beach towels, […]